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Perimeter Security Specification Support

Our dedicated team of Specification Sales Engineers are here with consultation and expertise for your project.

  • Gate design
  • Operator recommendation
  • Consultation and support for UL 325 and ASTM F2200 compliance
  • Loop design and sequencing
  • Access control selection and placement
  • Fire department and emergency access
  • Budgetary quotes
  • Enterprise security integration
  • Specification review - avoid RFI


Earn your HSW credits!

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How to Design a Safe and Compliant Automated Gate System

The purpose of this course is to train architects, engineers, designers, specifiers, and owners on the UL 325 and ASTM F2200 safety standards related to design, construction and installation methods of automated vehicular access points.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discern between the four gate classes as defined by UL 325 so that they can match the appropriate safety accessories for a particular project they are working on,
  • Identify the various types of accessories approved for use as safety devices by UL 325,
  • Properly specify and design a gate to comply with ASTM F2200,
  • Identify safety hazards and other hurdles that a particular job site may have and apply UL 325 and ASTM F2200 to help mitigate those hazards.


Learning Units: (1) HSW (Health Safety and Welfare)

Credit Designation: LU/HSW

Course Format: Instructor Led, Face to Face or Webinar

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How To Mitigate Vehicle Strikes with Crash‑Rated Barriers

This introductory course trains architects, engineers, and installers on the key crash rating standards and available crash-rated operators that can mitigate accidental or hostile vehicle strikes to prevent injury and protect critical assets. We will explore crash-rated operator types including wedges, barrier arms, bollards, crash gates and the best perimeter security applications for each.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the importance of crash-rated operators and how they can be utilized to mitigate injury or death as a result of hostile vehicle strikes,
  • Learn about each crash rating standard and the components of how each is measured in relation to stopping a moving vehicle,
  • Understand the differences of each style of barrier and the benefits and design considerations of each,
  • Gain knowledge necessary to successfully select the proper crash-rated barrier to protect different sites from accidental or hostile vehicle strikes.


Learning Units: (1) HSW (Health Safety and Welfare)

Credit Designation: LU/HSW

Course Format: Instructor Led, Face to Face or Webinar

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Case Study

Perimeter Security Solutions for One of America's Busiest Airports.

HySecurity crash-rated StrongArm® M50 protects runways from accidental or hostile vehicle incidents.

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Our Team

Your perimeter security design experts.

Our Spec Team is available to assist with project submittals and review of existing specifications where a Nice | HySecurity product is desired.

Brad Richards, CAGSD

West Coast Region

Brad Richards has been in the automated gate industry for 10 years and been a member of the HySecurity team since 2009. As a specification sales consultant with HySecurity, it is his focus to work with architects and engineers as a consultant. Brad assists with writing specifications for automated gate systems and provides design guidance for those systems to ensure that the project meets the client’s needs while also conforming to the UL 325 and ASTM F2200 safety standards.

Brad holds the Certified Gate Operator Design certification from the AFA.

When he’s not designing gate systems, Brad enjoys motorsports, mountain biking, hiking and reading.

Brad is available to assist you in writing a comprehensive specification that includes all items for a working and safe automated gate system.

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Nikki Dinnel, CAGSD, CAGOI

Central Region

Nikki Dinnel has been in the industry since 1999 (she started when she was 7!) and has extensive knowledge and experience in the gate operator and access control industry. Nikki loves to educate, enlighten and inform A&E professionals, installers and dealers as well as end users on the safety standards that when followed, create safer and complaint access control points for all types of applications.

Nikki also holds both the Certified Automatic Gate Operator Installer and Certified Automatic Gate System Designer.

Nikki grew up in rural SW Nebraska and loves all things Nebraska – GO BIG RED! She enjoys college football, baking and reading. Nikki holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing Management from Bellevue University.

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Nick Valdez, CAGSD, CAGOI

East Coast Region

Nick Valdez has been in the automated gate industry for 14 years and has been a member of the HySecurity team since 2006. As the Specification Sales Team Manager, he oversees the team’s goals and strategy while being a source of HySecurity product technical knowledge for the team.

Nick holds the Certified Gate Operator Design and Certified Gate Operator Installer certifications from the American Fence Association and has been an instructor with the American Fence Association’s Gate Operator University for 10 years where installers from across the country come to learn the intricacies of automated gate installation in a week-long course.

Automated gate safety is a passion of Nick's along with rockhounding and backpacking.

Nick is available to assist specifiers on the east coast with their automated gate design and specification questions.

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